Congratulations Alan Fish!

On behalf of Ohio APCO, I would like to congratulate and thank Alan Fish for his 30 years of outstanding public service at the City of Westerville Communications Division. Over these years, Alan has been a solid fixture in the public safety communications community contributing in many different ways.  Let’s face it, when you have spent the better part of your adult life in the dispatching profession, you automatically become that “go-to-guy” where when someone has a question Alan is the person that they seek out.  I’m sure that his talent and knowledge in this industry will be missed everyday by his co-workers.

I also want to thank Alan for his contributions toward the advancement of Ohio APCO and his service to the membership.  When I think of the Gold Star Awards, I think of Alan.  Every year, it appeared to me that Alan was working so hard to ensure the Telecommunicator received the recognition that they deserved.  He took it personal and his name will forever be linked in my mind whenever I think of Gold Star.

I know that one of your favorite phrases is “it’s not about you”, but today it is definitely about you! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Satoru J. Persons
President, Ohio APCO