Paul Hicks – City of Springfield

I am the Emergency Services Manager for the city of Springfield, Ohio and have served in public safety for nearly 30 years. In my current position I manages the city’s Emergency Operations Plan and the 9-1-1 communications center.


I started my career as a dispatcher and was later promoted to police officer. During my time in law enforcement I was promoted to a supervisory role.  In this role, I managed the Field Training Program for police officers, dispatchers and jailers, in addition to my normal duties. In 2017, I was hired by the City of Springfield to manage their 9-1-1 communications center and, most recently, have taken over responsibility for emergency operations and planning.  Recently I managed the project to transition to MARCS along with procuring new radios and upgrading the center’s new 9-1-1 CPE.


I am humbled to have been nominated for the 2nd Vice President of the Ohio APCO.  In the short time of being involved with this organization, I have seen how this group is moving in the right direction when it comes to the looking out for the welfare of all telecommunicators.  We need to continue finding ways to provide training that is available for all.  We need to continue this momentum and strive not only to get proper recognition for telecommunicators but, to also do our part as an organization to provide a platform as this career continues to develop.