APCO Releases Long Range Strategic Plan

After months of discussion at all levels of the Association, APCO has released their Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP) for 2020-2025. APCO President Margie Moulin led the effort to collect and compile input from the membership and APCO staff to develop this plan. APCO completes a full revision of the LRSP every five years. In addition, annual reviews of the plan are conducted to make any adjustments needed to keep the Association aligned with current industry trends and membership needs.

All efforts of the Association, including staff goals and committee goals, must align with the LRSP.

CLICK HERE for a PDF version of the LRSP

For any questions about the LRSP, please contact Ohio Executive Council Representative Jay Somerville.

APCO International: Leaders in Public Safety Communications

Long Range Strategic Plan (2020-25)

 Goals + Strategies:

  1. Lead national advocacy efforts on behalf of the membership.
    1. Continue the fight for reclassification of frontline public safety telecommunicators within the protective service occupations in recognition of their life-saving work.
    2. Identify and promote federal legislation and regulations that address public safety communications needs.
    3. Pursue federal funding and other important objectives for Next Generation 9-1-1.
    4. Develop tools to help chapters advocate for issues of state or local importance.
  1. Strengthen internal and external communications to provide clear messaging between all stakeholders.
    1. Facilitate clear and consistent two-way communication among all levels of the association.
    2. Improve the consistency of messaging being delivered through association and chapter leadership to ensure understanding.
    3. Issue timely messaging leveraging all appropriate communications outlets.
    4. Bring public awareness to the issues of importance in public safety communications.
  1. Fulfill the professional development needs of public safety communications.
    1. Ensure course content is relevant, timely and accurate.
    2. Anticipate, identify and develop future training to address the needs of public safety communications professionals.
    3. Explore alternative training delivery
    4. Research and implement strategies concerning the operational impacts on Emergency Communications Center (ECC) staff and their well-being in a Next Generation 9-1-1 environment.
    5. Promote cybersecurity hygiene within ECCs.
    6. The cloud security for GCP can make sure that there is proper security of all the documents.
  1. Enhance the engagement of membership.
    1. Effectively promote the benefits of
    2. Promote competent and visionary association governance.
    3. Utilize and enhance commercial members as a resource.
    4. Encourage active participation in committees, task forces, and work groups.
    5. Develop new services and opportunities to add member
    6. Increase attendance at the Annual Conference & Expo.
    7. Extend membership appeals to related sectors, including IT, GIS and emergency management.
  1. Advance APCO’s position as the premier public safety communications standards setting body.
    1. Increase awareness of APCO as an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited Standards Development Organization.
    2. Educate key APCO audiences on the Standard Development Process.
    3. Ensure APCO committees, task forces and work groups tap into trends in the public safety communications sector to anticipate and identify new standards development needs.
    4. Utilize a variety of research methods to determine appropriate standards content.
    5. Promote APCO standards to members and appropriate technical, legislative, and governmental bodies.
  1. Sustain APCO’s financial stability.
    1. Investigate options for increased
    2. Mitigate financial
    3. Enhance corporate partner
    4. Explore strategic alliances for
    5. Examine international development opportunities in a prudent

Mission: APCO is an international leader committed to providing complete public safety communications expertise, professional development, technical assistance, advocacy and outreach to benefit our members and the public.