Chapter History for RPL Students

  1. Does your Chapter have a Historian? If no, who maintains records
    • Holly Wayt, Westerville PD, who is the currently the Immediate Past President of APCO International, is currently holding on to our archives. Although not our official historian, she’s keeping our archived material safe.
  2. Where is our Chapter Charter located and has it recently been on display for our chapter membership?
    • Unfortunately, the original charter was destroyed when the old Medina County Sheriff’s Office building in downtown Medina was leveled into a parking lot. In talking with Harold Carter, former chapter secretary (in the 1980’s and early 90’s), the sheriff basically threw out everything. Nobody has been able to produce a copy but there may be some out there.
  3. When was our APCO chapter actually established?
    • We were chartered on September 20, 1944 as charter # 7
  4. Who were the people who petitioned APCO to establish our chapter and what leadership roles did each of them later play in the growth of the chapter?
    • Unknown
  5. Has anyone ever compiled a complete listing of all past officers for the chapter? When was that list last updated? Is a copy of the list available for the chapter membership?
    • There were rumors of a list created for our 50th anniversary (and 1st state conference) in 1994.  So far, we have not been able to find it
  6. Without referring back to any membership directory listings, do you know if anyone from our chapter ever served as an association-level APCO President or on APCO’s Board of Officers? Who and when?
    • Russ Robinson, Michigan Chapter, who was also an associate or co-member of the Ohio Chapter for many years. Russ served as the association president from 1981-1982.  Lynne Feller, retired from Wayne County Justice Center Communications, former chapter president and EC member,  served as one of the first regional representatives on the board of directors from 2009-2012. Matt Franke, from Butler County Sheriff’s Office, a past chapter president and EC member, currently serves as one of the North Central Regional Representatives on the Board of Directors.  Holly Wayt, from Westerville Communications, a past chapter president and EC member served on as a North Central Regional Representative on the Board of Directors from 2013-2015. Holly was elected to the office of Second Vice President of the Association in 2016 and served as the president of APCO International from August 2018 to August 2019.