Ohio APCO’s Position on ORC 128.06

On Friday November 17th, Ohio APCO President Sataru Persons addressed the Ohio ESINet Steering Committee during their regular meeting, specifically discussing the recommended changes to Ohio Revised Code 128. President Persons praised the comprehensive, open process provided by the subcommittees during the development of the recommendations. Ohio APCO endorsed the recommendations made by the subcommittee. Specifically, the change recommended in 128.06 that deals with the make up of the county planning committee, President Persons presented Ohio APCO’s preference for Option 1 which allows each county planning committee to decide who will fill the fourth and fifth seats on the committee. A copy of that recommendation was present to the ESINet Steering Committee with a copy available below. Option 2 recommended the fourth seat be occupied by the county sheriff in all counties.

The ESINet Steering Committee made no decisions or recommendations and will continue their discussions at their December teleconference meeting.