Ohio NG911 Overview

From Ohio 9-1-1 Administrator Rob Jackson:

At the last ESINet Steering Committee meeting, we received several questions regarding NG9-1-1, how it will look in Ohio, and what areas of responsibility would look like.  In the attached PP, we tried to capture that in a high-level, easy to read format.  Slide #1 was developed with resources from NG9-1-1Now and Jeff Smith, Chair of the Ohio ESINet Steering Committee’s Technical Standards Sub-Committee.  Slides 2-6 are from a previous PP to outline the areas of operations for the carriers, state and locals in the envisioned system.  If after review of this PP you still have questions, please send them to me by e-mail so I can respond in writing to ensure the technical aspects are clearly communicated.

PowerPoint Presentation

This is not intended to capture costs, as the FE report addressed those areas and specifically pointed out that if the funding philosophy is different than before, a larger USF would be needed – if the philosophy stays the same, the current fee level is recommended.  The fee level will be discussed at the July ESINet Steering Committee.