Ohio 9-1-1 Program Office Completes First Round of PSAP Rule Support & Compliance Visits

From Ohio 9-1-1 Administrator Rob Jackson:

The Ohio 9-1-1 Program Office, Support and Compliance Program, 2018 Implementation Phase is now complete and all county 9-1-1 coordinators have received their results.  This marks the end of the 2018 Implementation Phase and begins the Operations Phase.  If you are a county coordinator and have not received your results, please contact Sharon McMurray immediately at (614) 633-4557.

As you know, the PSAP Operations Rules development process was an in-depth and detailed effort that started even before this office was established.  After many planning meetings, public hearings and work by a lot of local individuals throughout the state, the final rules were approved by the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) and implemented on May 12, 2016.  As stipulated in the ORC, counties had two-years to ensure compliance with their wireless PSAPs by May 12, 2018.  The Ohio 9-1-1 Program Office hired a long tenured county 9-1-1 manager from a sheriff’s office to serve as the Support and Compliance Coordinator and worked with County 9-1-1 Coordinators to design and review the Support and Compliance process.  An Education Phase was initiated where all county coordinators and any PSAP managers and staff could attend one of the eight regional sessions to learn about the process and ask any questions.

Contact with all counties was made to receive their 2018 Implementation Phase compliance packets during their assigned month.  Additional follow-up was then used to complete the reviews.  I want to thank the county coordinators for working so diligently on their packets and I want to especially thank Sharon McMurray for her terrific job during this new process.  As you know, during the Implementation Phase no financial penalties were imposed if a county was out of compliance.  This allowed for all local officials and our staff to fully integrate this new process.  A report on the year will be given during the upcoming ESINet Steering Committee meeting on Thursday, January 17th at 11:00 AM.  We will also be discussing the application of several of the rules to ensure the counties receive the benefit of the doubt, while ultimately ensuring the intent of the rules are achieved resulting in top notch, professional 9-1-1 service to Ohio’s citizens.

We now begin the Operations Phase of the program.  Each county will have a permanent month established (you should already know your month) for the remainder of the program until such time the program is revamped or updated.  During this time, counties are cautioned that non-compliance with the PSAP Operations Rules triggers Rule 5507-1-19 – Rules Enforcement.  This rule outlines the process that will be undertaken that could ultimately result in loss of funding from the Wireless 9-1-1 Government Assistance Fund.  The rule is listed on our website (911.ohio.gov) and the process ensures the ESINet Steering Committee makes the decision on advancing non-compliant penalties, rather than one individual in our office.

On another front, Sharon McMurray has streamlined the 2019 process to make it easier to submit your compliance packet.  The new packet will allow respondents to just place an “X” in a “No Change” column on many of the rule components.  Only changes, non-compliance issues from the previous report, and several specific rules will require new documentation each year.  Our office thinks you will find this process easier and should take less of your valuable time.

If you have any questions related to this e-mail or the beginning of the Operations Phase, please don’t hesitate to contact the Ohio 9-1-1 Program Office.