Volunteers Needed: APCO Military Task Force

APCO is looking for skilled and passionate members to volunteer for a recently created Task Force.

This task force will work to identify and evaluate options to align ECC staffing shortages with unemployed military spouses and military veterans. This may provide solutions to some of our ECC staffing problems, while offering support to our military families and those that have served our country.

We are considering members that:

  • Have current and past military experience
  • Are spouses of current or past military personnel
  • Work for centers that have a military presence within the community(ies) they serve

We hope to include your expertise and enthusiasm to this active and talented group of volunteers. Please take the time to review the opportunity for participation as a volunteer if you, or someone you know, would be a great addition to this Task Force. For more information go to www.myapcointl.org and click Task Force Signup.

The deadline to sign-up is February 5th!